Arbitrary Randomness
Tuesday, August 28, 2001
So I'm at the grocery store... (I start a lot of these with "So I'm....").... and we're looking for syrup. A small bottle of maple syrup should be easy to find, although it did takes a bit of time, because most of the bottles pretty big. Anywho, so I'm looking at all the syrup, and I come across one particular brand that offers a "sugar-free" variety. My first thought was, "ew, stay away from that" because I get headaches from nutrasweet/aspartame stuff, and it just doesn't taste right to me. But then I pondered a little further and realized that this was an oxymoron. Sugar-free syrup?? Isn't syrup in itself sugar and water?? How can you have sugar-free syrup??

Some things I'll just never understand.... like Win/Loss stats for a pitcher.

"Red, I do believe you're talking out of your ass." (5 more bonus points)
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