Arbitrary Randomness
Thursday, August 30, 2001
OK, I have Russ's syndrome....Listening to "the lockerroom" on 1270 too much. about a week or so ago, some caller called in and mentioned Nebraska while talking about college football, and Gary said, "hey, you know I'm doing the Nebraska game on day." When he said that, i thought to myself, "Self, why the hell did he say that?? it has nothing to do with anything except bringing attention to himself." It kinda bugged me for some odd reason, and I toyed with the idea of calling in and saying something, but didn't want to be on hold on my cell phone, and forgot about it when i get home (kinda like when you go into another room to grab something, and when you walk into the room, you forgot why you went in there in th first place). anywho, so i forgot about it, and then earlier this week, the lockerrom was talking about Michael Jordan and his possible comeback. Gary was saying how sick of it he was, that there was such a big deal being made of it. He didn't care if Jordan came back or not, he just was sick of all the publicity about it. A few people called in and said that the media is the only ones complaining about it, and i think that's ironic, because they are the ones that are making a big deal of it. If the media stops reporting on the situation, it's not a big story anymore. But now I'm getting off on a tangent. Gary furthered his argument saying that Jordan was doing this to bring more attention to himself. I thought that was hypocritical since Gary (in my opinion) did the same thing last week.

OK, this is getting long, but I have one more thing. Yesterday, Gary was talking about how his mailman is going to call for workman's comp soon because of all these media guides, conference information, bowl game information, etc. that he keeps receiving at his house. Am I looking too deep into this, or is this just Gary drawing attention to himself saying, "Look how important I am."

Usually, I like Gary Danielson and like to hear what he has to say, but lately, he's been bugging me. I hope it changes, cuz I really like him in the broadcast booth, with the exception that he does games with Brent Must-booger. I can't stand him, but that's another blog.

I have another movie quote, but I want to make sure i get the spelling right, so I will have to wait until I see the movie again, and get the correct spelling.... I know that might sound strange, but it will make sense once i've put it out here.
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