Arbitrary Randomness
Tuesday, August 07, 2001
I don't get the inconsistencies with football rules. For example, in the example in Russ's blog, the roughing the passer play is assessed on the kickoff (if Noli and I are guessing right). But, if it were offsides on the play, it's either take the offsides penalty, or the result of the play, not both. I guess I understand a little since roughing the passer is a personal foul, which is different from a regular penalty.

The one I really don't get is that pass interference is not pass interference if the ball is uncatchable. That just does not make sense to me. The defender still commited a penalty, but since the QB overthrew the ball, it's not a penalty??? If an offensive lineman holds a defender, it doesn't matter if the defender wasn't going to be able to get to the QB or RB, it's still a holding penalty. If a defender jumps offsides, but isn't able to get to the QB, it still offsides, so why isn't it still pass interference when the ball is uncatchable?!?!?!??!
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