Arbitrary Randomness
Tuesday, July 10, 2001
My dillema (sp?).... I've noticed recently that I need a new subscription for my contact lens (I know, i said subscription instead of PREscription... or is it PERscription... i'm a bad speller, can't you tell??), and I am due for another check up. But, I have the contacts that i put in about 2 weeks ago, and one more set of contacts to be worn (they are monthly disposables, so i could wear the current subscription for about a month and a half). Now, do i just wear these, until i'm ready for some new lenses (is the plural of lens, 'lens' or 'lenses'???), or just go get new ones now with a new subscription, and throw out the leftover ones i have now??

I just realized that this really isn't all that exciting of a post (not to say my other ones are). but i will post it anyway.
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