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Thursday, June 07, 2001
Last night, while flipping through stations, and catching parts of games, I remembered something else that bugs me (oh no, i'm turning into HateHateHate ). In addition to the people at sporting events that are there for the free stuff, or only cheer when they pull out the giant slingshot (mentioned in previous blog below), those people who feel the need to get themselves on TV.

I do understand the desire to get yourself on TV, as I have fallen into that at times, but the people that really annoy me are the ones who do it in the middle of the game. Last night while watching a baseball game, there was a guy behind home plate talking on a cell phone (presumably to someone who was at home watching the game) and waving since he was on camera. Now i might be able to see a quick wave to say "hey look at me", but he was waving constantly through the whole inning (note to self.... future blog on people who annoy me when using cell phones at the wrong place and time).

Another instance I notice is during a hockey game, the idiots in the lower bowl who feel the need to wave their arms in the air, every time the puck is on their side of the ice, usually blocking part of the action. Again, I can somewhat (only somewhat) understand doing this once or twice to say "hey, I'm on TV", or even if it was a little kid, but to do it countless times throughout the game, that's just annoying.
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