Arbitrary Randomness
Friday, June 01, 2001
I'm sitting here, looking at my "Far Side-a-day" calendar... don't get me wrong, I enjoy my calendar. But what ruffles my feathers (I don't think i've ever used that phrase before) is the rotation of the cartoons from year to year. I know that I am going to see repeats, because I've seen quite a few far sides in my time, and have had the "Far Side-a-day" calendar for pretty much the last 5-10 years. But there are such things as "Bad Far Sides" and I'm somewhat surprised when I see them in the Calendar. What gets me is when I see them repeatedly in the calendar. But I can understand that, because some people probably do find them funny. My problem isn't with the "bad ones". Like today's, there is a chef grabbing a stove, and shaking it trying to flip the pancake that is in the pan on the stove (rather than just using the pan). This one sticks out, because I had a conversation about this one with a co-worker of mine last year (and late in the year, at that). At first, I didn't even get the joke, and then after it was explained to me by my co-worker, we agreed that it wasn't that funny. I'm getting off on a tangent. Regardless of how funny a cartoon is, shouldn't it get at least a one year hiatus from the calendar?? There are many, many, many far sides... why not give the ones a try that weren't in last years calendar.

OK, I'm done complaining (for now).
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