Arbitrary Randomness
Wednesday, June 13, 2001
I never got back to all 2-3 of you that read this of my experiment.... after awhile, i could have sworn that the "hot" tea was colder than the "cold" pop.... I thought about it, and I think it might have been roughly the same temperature (I didn't have a thermometer in my pocket... "maybe you left it in your other pants.... I ain't got no other pants" <---- Name that movie, and I'll 5 fictional Doug Dollars (sorry Doug Karsch.... I didn't mean to steal your phrase... but it has a nice ring to it)). I wonder if the carbonation has anything to do with what the temperature appears to be in your mouth. maybe i'm just making excuses for my lack of ability to tell temperatures.

Does anyone else have movie quotes randomly shooting through their brains?? Is this a guy thing?? I was sitting at work one day, and the guy in the cube next to me out of nowhere said "shoot zee glass" (Hans Gruber in Die Hard, when he knows that John McLain is barefoot). another day, he randomly said, "Jam it on the one... J-J-J-J-Jam it on the one".... I was somewhat embarrassed at the fact that not only did I know that it was from an episode of the cosby show that probably aired about 15 years ago, but I knew the exact episode (the one with Stevie Wonder where his limo hits Denise and Theo, and invites the whole family to his studio and records everyone saying something).... Another 5 fictional doug dollars to anyone who can email me the what each of the characters were recorded saying/doing.

Anyway, back to my original thought... do random movie lines pop in your head, or more so, movie lines that apply to your conversation? Then you say them, and no one knows what you are referring to??
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